2016 Baltic Challenge Cup RESULTS


2016 Baltic Challenge Cup is over. This year we got really lucky with weather – +26 degrees each competition day, real summer. Lack of wind was the reason to end Baltic Challenge cup sooner then expected.
On the first competition day wind was rather light, just 6-8 knots, and we had three races for 3,5/U13 and four races for RB and U15/U17. On second day there was wind from South, there was no wind at all, and then there was strong wind blowing from North. The same amount of races. On the third day of competition we managed only one race, the second got canceled due to no wind. For 3,5 and U13 groups there were no races on Sunday; only SUP fun race. Looked really fun.
In three days we had 9 races for Raceboard and Techno293 (U15, U17) and 6 races for 3,5 and U13.
Overall winner in Raceboard class remained Aldis Šuriņš (LAT105) and in women group winner Vita Matīse (LAT1) who managed to win most of races overall.
In U17 winner Namejs Dreimanis (LAT47) and Aleksandra Kaupa (LAT116), in U15 Jēkabs Čeže (LAT16). In U13 Rolands Lovnieks (LAT293) and Daniela Kaupa (LAT26) and 3,5 group winner Jurģis Vaivods (LAT177) and Emma Viktoria Millend (EST33).
Thanks again to all the supporters (Rīgas Dome, Venden, Burusports, Cabo) and competitors. See you soon in lake Ķīšezers!!!

RESULTS – Raceboard

RESULTS – Techno293




Techno293, RS:X and Raceboard Masters

For the 4th year round Baltic Challenge Cup takes place at Riga, Latvia, lake Kisezers. This is going to be 3 day competition which will start at August 26th and end at August 28th. Only 15 minutes drive from Riga City Center is lake Kisezers – a beautiful place for competition like this.

We kindly invite every Techno, RS:X and Raceboard rider to take part in Baltic Challenge Cup. First five competitors from abroad who apply for competition via REGISTRATION FORM will get free stay for two nights at nearest hotel. Don’t hesitate, hotel rooms may not be available very long.

All competitors will have meal for free, party and great atmosphere at Baltic Challenge Cup.

You can register now using this REGISTRATION FORM. If you apply for competition by August 15th, registration fee for competition is 30 EUR for Raceboard class and 15 EUR for Techno293 Youth and RS:X Youth class.







Three great days, 65 athletes from three Baltic countries and more wind than expected in lake Kisezers.
On Friday and Saturday competitors and organizers got surprised with 10-15knots strong wind despite the forecast which promised almost nothing. 7 races in two days for Techno293, Raceboard and RS:X.
On Sunday light wind started to blow at the time the prize giving ceremony was announced. Too little too late. So 7 races overall and winners are:

1st place Vita Matise (LAT 1)
2nd place Alvis Ozolins (LAT 20)
3rd place Gunars Rozenbergs (LAT 14)

RS:X podium was the most international
1st place Juozas Bernotas (LTU 1)
2nd place Kristaps Keidans (LAT 28)
3rd place Rainer Kasekivi (EST 168)

Techno 293, U17
1st place Aleksandra Kaupa
2nd place Namejs Dreimanis
3rd place Nikola Cepleniece

Techno 293, U15
1st place Matiss Punte
2nd place Elizabete Mengele
3rd place Annija Punte

Techno 293, U13
1st place Matiss Punte
2nd place Jekabs Ceze
3rd place Rolands Lovnieks

Techno 293, 3,5
1st place Valters Videnieks
2nd place Davis Mazais
3rd place Klavs Kaupa

FINAL_results for 2015 Baltic Challenge Cup. RB & RS_X

FINAL results for BALTIC CHALLENGE CUP 2015. Techno293

Final results for BALTIC CHALLENGE CUP. U13, 3.5




First competition day came with more wind than expected. 5-7 meters per second came from the sea and 65 competitors in Raceboard, Techno293 and RS:X managed to go for 4 races.

Here are the results after first competition day:
U13, 3.5



COMPETITOR LIST (17/08/2015) made by pre-registration for 2015 Baltic Challenge Cup.

2015 BALTIC CHALLENGE CUP Techno293, RS:X & Raceboard Youth & Masters

2015 Baltic Challenge Cup Techno 293, RS:X and Raceboard Youth and Masters will be held in August 21st to 23rd in Windsurfing Club 360, in lake Kisezers, Riga, Latvia.


The good news is that first ten competitors from abroad get free stay at Hotel Mezaparks, located 200m from event site. So don’t hesitate, register and you’ll stay in a hotel free of charge.

You can register now using this REGISTRATION FORM. If you apply for competition by August 14th, registration fee for competition is 30 EUR for Raceboard class and 15 EUR for Techno293 and RS:X class.

Competition will include free meal for competitors, sauna, homely atmosphere and a party on Saturday with some meals and drinks.

Can’t wait to see you here in Windsurfing Club 360. MAP


Photos from 2014
Photos from 2013





70 riders from 4 countries came to Windsurfing Club 36o to participate in 2014 Baltic Challenge Cup. Three racing days, 8 races for Raceboard, 7 races for Techno293 and 5 races for kids 3,5 group. There was a very unstable and changing wind on a first racing day, and it stopped after rain came down. The second day was really windy and we managed 4 races for Raceboard and 3,5 group, and 3 races for Techno riders. Light wind in the last competition day, and only 2 races for RB and T293 classes.

14 riders in 3,5 group – and the fastest one turned out to be Matiss Punte. Following him in 2nd place with similar points as 1st place –  Jekabs Ceze. And third place for Valters Videnieks. Results for 3,5 group.

Techno 293 was represented by 28 young people, and no doubt – no one could beat Sergei Karavan (U17) from Russia who won all the races. 2nd place also for Russia – Egor Zhilin (U17), and third place for Estonia – Alfred Kalm (U17).Results for Techno293.

Also 28 people in Raceboard class, and the fastest of all turned out to be Vita Matise who won 4 of 8 races. Second place goes to Alvis Ozolins, and third place – Ilona Grinberga. Results for Raceboard.


Congratulations to all the winners. Hope to see you next year for Baltic Challenge Cup.

Thanks to Riga City Council, Cabo Cafe, Venden and Burusports for the support.


Competitor list for Baltic Challenge Cup

6 days prior Baltic Challenge Cup we’re closing pre-registration for competition. HERE you can see the list of pre-registred competitors. All the others who didn’t pre-register – don’t worry, we’re looking forward to see you at Baltic Challenge Cup on August 22nd.

10:00 – 11:45 Registration
12:00 Skippers meeting
13:00 Racing

See you!

2014 Baltic Challenge Cup in August 22nd to 24th

We’re happy to announce that keeping traditions alive 2014 Baltic Challenge Cup Techno 293 and Raceboard Youth and masters will be held in August 22nd to 24th in Windsurfing Club 360, in lake Kisezers.
Even happier we are to say that first ten competitors from abroad get free stay in Hotel Mezaparks if applied by July 30th and paid competition fee according to Notice of Race.
You can register now using this REGISTRATION FORM.

Competition will include free meal for competitors, sauna, homely atmosphere and after party. Can’t wait to see you here in Windsurfing Club 360.





2013 Baltic Challenge Cup is over!


3 days of hard racing! The maximum of 12 races for Raceboard and 9 races for Techno293; 38 competitors, wind speed up to 20knots. It was an interesting event! The winner among Raceboard racers is Alvis Ozolins (LAT 20), among women – Vita Matise (LAT 1). In U17 division fastest one was Mariam Sekhposyan (RUS 13) and among boys Jekabs Baumanis. U15 group’s winner – Aleksandra Kaupa, among boys – Namejs Dreimanis.

All results are here:

Sailwave results for RACEBOARD at 2013
Sailwave results for RB J at 2013
Sailwave results for Techno 293 at 2013

Windsurfing Club 360 says thank you very much to all the competitors, sponsors and supporters! Hope to see you next year!




What a great first racing day of Baltic Challenge Cup. Approx 17knots – quite harsh for Techno293 & Raceboard racers. 4 races for RB, 3 races for T293.

RESULTS Techno 293 after 3 races

RESULTS Raceboard after 4 races


2013 Baltic Challange Cup Techno 293 & Raceboard Youth & Masters will be held on August 23rd to 25th at Windsurfing Club 360. It’s located in Riga (Latvia), by the coast of Kisezers lake.
The participants can stay eather at the nearest Hotels Mezaparks or Keizarmezs or in their own campers which can be parked at the event site.

Sauna and showers will be available for all the participants.

Launch will be served by Cabo Cafe and is included in participation fee.
Sports water for all the participants will be sponsored by Venden.

NOR 2013 Baltic Cup


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