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RESULTS of Baltic Challenge Cup

RESULTS of Baltic Challenge Cup

There were three, actually four very active and full of surprises days in lake Kisezers. People from 17 countries were fighting with nature, other athletes, themselves and their own luck to get trophies and titles. And it was so good. Positive vibes throughout three days when Baltic Challenge Cup and four days of Raceboard European Championships took place at lake Kisezers, Sailing Club 360. 

This year Baltic Challenge Cup was combined with Raceboard European Championships, and all ECh competitors automatically became competitors of Baltic Challenge Cup. So in total 103 competitors were competing for title Baltic Challenge Cup winner in three windsurfing classes. 

Weather these days was all you can imagine. Except for snow we had strong wind, light wind, no wind, sun, no sun, rain and heat. Nothing to complain about. 

About results:

Formula Windsurfing Class had 7 races, and Latvian athlete Janis Preiss (LAT 23) kept his leading positions all the races. Second Frank Ervin (EST 207) and third Renar Roolaht (EST 128). FW results

Techno293 class was represented by 42 young athletes and 7 age and gender divisions. Here are first three in each division:

3,5 group, Boys:

1st place Eduards Niedra (LAT 98)
2nd place Ernests Jēkabsons (LAT 9)
3rd place Dāvis Škutāns (LAT 7911)

3,5 group, Girls:

1st Līva Škutāne (LAT 792)
2nd Rēzija Egmane (LAT 92)
3rd Anna Marija Tamm (LAT 6)

U13 group:

1st Miks Bušmanis (LAT 36)
2nd Tomas Giedraitis (LTU 545)
3rd Gustavs Beķeris (LAT 226)

U15 group:

1st Jēkabs Čeže (LAT 16)
2nd Rolands Lovnieks (LAT 293)
3rd Edijs Bušmanis (LAT 39)

U15 group, Girls

1st Viktorija Gailuma (LAT 104)
2nd Marta Kļaviņa (LAT 585)
3rd Lana Evalina Tamm (8)

U17 group:

1st Klāvs Kaupa (LAT 42)
2nd Edgaras Liovinas (LTU 14)
3rd Kristofer Rajasalu (EST 277)

PLUS group

1st Elizabete Meņģele (LAT 127)
2nd Elzbieta Novosinskaite (LTU 4)

All Techno293 results are HERE


1st Aleksandra Blinnikka (FIN 56)
2nd Jana Slivova (CZE 26)
3rd Vita Matise (LAT 1)

All results for women are HERE


1st Maksymilian Woycik (POL 7)
2nd Aron Gadorfalvi (HUN 1)
3rd Curro Manchon (ESP 1)

All results for Raceboard Men are HERE

PICTURES are coming soon

We as organizers received very many positive feedback for well organized event, and that again proves us that international and high level competitions can be arranged at Sailing Club 360 and we will be more then happy to welcome you all and other athletes again. See you at Sailing Club 360 and lake Kisezers! 



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